startrunning presents ANNEXINEMA


Annexinema was invited by artist-led group startrunning to present a retrospective of our previous shows at the Sandbar in Manchester's student quarter. We chose a selection of work that reflected the diversity of Annexinema's interest in the moving image, and included two installations by Luke White and Ian Nesbitt, and a live performance by Chris Gladwin (this time with sweet potatoes and added polystyrene).

Programme Part 1
Neil Thomson Sound Toys
Ron Tran The Peckers
Jean-Gabriel Périot Dies Irae
Chris Gladwin Radio + Meat (pork sausage, raw)
Peter Rose Secondary Currents
Janek Schaefer Interlude

Chris Gladwin
Experimental musician and noise maker, Chris Gladwin performed ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC NOISE ACTION! *featuring Sweet Potato Synthesis!

Programme Part 2
John Smith Om
Aeneas Wilder Untitled
Lou Cohen Bagatelle 2
Neil Thomson Sound Toys #2
Jan Hakon Erichsen Close to Home
Laurent Vicente Superarchiskate
Emily Wilczek Walk (in progess)
David Blandy What is Soul?
Alex Gene Morrison Adrift
Poh Wang Water Flows

Luke White Moving Portraits
Ian Nesbitt