Bonington Film Night #7
curated by ANNEXINEMA
Wednesday 15th February 2017

Bonington Lecture Theatre
Nottingham Trent University

ANNEXINEMA presented a screening loosely themed on Bonington Gallery's exhibition "All Men by Nature Desire to Know".

Storm de Hirsch Divinations 1964

Part 1

Crit Your Own Damn Work | Bruce Asbestos
UK | 2012 | 3mins | colour | sound

Bruce Asbestos critiques his painting.

Trailer | Hector Castells Matutano
Spain | 2012 | 7mins | colour | sound

Found footage is spliced, scratched and collaged to produce a critique of mainstream cinema. Film as canvas, sgraffito revealing the hysterical and absurd dimension of commercial movies.

Automotive Action Painting | George Barber
UK | 2006 | 6mins | colour | sound

In Automotive Action Painting a man arrives in a van by the side of a road in the early hours of the morning. He takes out various pots of paint and starts to throw colour on the road. Understandably, motorists avoid him. As the light rises, along with the level of traffic, the cars spread the paint along the surface of the road, creating an abstract smear of vibrant colour.

Priya | Alia Syed
UK | 2012 | 12mins | colour | silent | 16mm

Priya observes from overhead a woman in a rapturous dance. Priya and the photographic series of the same name are created from 16mm film that has been buried in Syed’s garden, wrapped in combinations of leaves, earth and biodegradable waste from her kitchen. This collaboration with nature and time has contributed and erased, producing the unexpected. The dark and evocative works are the traces left from repeated entombments, subtly suggesting past histories and visualizing time and memory.

Divinations | Storm De Hirsch
USA |1964 | 6mins | colour | sound | 16mm

Music: Ritual chant of Maori medicine man and Sicilian tarantella on Jews harp.
A film poem that records a psychic event in colour, shape and sound. The inner eye reveals its visionary powers through a series of mystical signs and symbols, a collage of negative and positive images, incantations and sorcery. S.D.H.

Part 2

Blindly | Artur Żmijewski
Poland | 2010 | 19mins | colour | sound

Documenting scenes from a painting workshop with visually impaired participants, Żmijewski’s video Blindly asks what it means to imagine and represent without relying on the sense of sight.

I’m sorry it’s beyond my control | Amir Ghazi-Noory
UK | 2015 | 3mins | colour | sound

Digital painterly abstraction.

untitled | Dallas Simpson et al
UK | 2016 | 2mins | colour | silent | 16mm

A film made by participants in the scratch and draw film workshop led by Dallas Simpson at the Primary Commoners' Fair last year.

Babobilicons | Daina Krumins
USA | 1981 | 15mins | colour | sound | 16mm

Babobilicons is a surrealist work in terms of its process and product. Krumins took nine years to make this animated short, yet her method is in line with the surrealist affinity for chance operation. She cultivated slime moulds on Quaker Five-Minute Oats in her basement, planted hundreds of phallic stinkhorn mushrooms, and put her mother behind the camera to film them growing. The results are sexual and bizarre. She combines ordinary objects – wall sockets, candles and peeling paint – to get unnerving, dreamlike images. Porcelain fish jump through waves, mushroom erections rise and fall. Her Babobilicons – robotlike characters that resemble coffee pots with lobster claws – move through all this with mysterious determination.