ANNEXINEMA: Island Variations
St Mary le Wigford's Church, Lincoln
Thursday 8th October 2015

Amar Kanwar A Love Story

Part 1

Latifah and Himli's Nomadic Uncle
Alnoor Dewshi UK 1992 15mins B+W sound

Described by John Akomfrah as an “excellent film on Nomadology and diasporic sublime”, two cousins discuss ideas of culture and history while wandering through London.

About 5 Minutes Remaining
Yelena Popova UK/Russia 2014 5mins colour sound

A contemporary fable reflecting on time as a commodity, cognitive labour and productivity under the spell of neo-liberalism.

Three Moments
Rob Coley, Dean Lockwood, Adam O’Meara UK 2014 11mins colour sound

The film takes its name from the three moments that comprise the life of a refrain as conceived by Deleuze and Guattari. Firstly, photography marks out space, keeps time, and assembles subjectivity. Secondly, the refrain circumscribes an ethos, a home, a circle of control, as in photographic genres. Thirdly, the refrain is destabilized; the photographic image constitutes an event of interruptive time in connection with the subjective pluralism which is the excess of the social.

Infographics: Living On the Edge
Tom Duggan UK 2015 7mins colour sound

Video re-recording of a PechaKucha presentation about infographics. Originally given at UTOPIA FORUM - a day long event at Goldsmiths University organised by More Utopia.

David Rimmer Canada 1969 12mins colour optical sound 16mm

'...makes use of rear projection, re-photography, stop framing, multiple framing and slow motion. The migration is interpreted as the flight of a ghost bird through aeons of space and time, through the micro-macro universe, through a myriad of complex realities. Successive moments of the film develop rhythmic, organic counterpoints in which cosmic transformations send jelly fish into the sky and ocean waves into the sun...'
- Gene Youngblood, Arts Canada

Part 2

Pete McPartlan UK 2014 3mins colour sound

Nema is one of a series of studies or sketches of changing pattern and noise as motion. The computer animated forms come from swirls of flattened grass found on an area of wasteland. Composed to be loosely isotropic - looking the same in all directions, including time - as if through closed eyes or a microwave telescope.

Running Light
Lis Rhodes UK 1996 15mins B&W sound

‘Running Light describes...a power structure based on fear ; the atrocities of these migrant camps remain unspoken. These camps exist within the powerful nations of America and Europe. Individuals without papers become trapped in situations close to slavery.’ --Lisa La Feuvre LuxOnLine 2000
‘Since the late 1970s, her films have moved towards an investigation of complex historical, social and political processes. They deal with expulsion (in the past and the present), the sealing-off of Europe towards immigrants, the invasion of Iraq, violence against women, and the classification of female identity. In these later works Lis Rhodes achieves a unique blend of photography, Super-8 and 16 mm film, drawing, writing, and a literary language which is fully aware of the impossibility of defining "reality" in an unambiguous way. Her layering of these levels creates three-dimensional pictorial spaces which correspond to her mysterious, poetical-political texts. ‘Only the permitted is really visible in a culture that equates ‘real’ with ‘visible’. Like most systems it has a rational explanation for its existence. It’s property. Who owns it?’ --In Person: Lis Rhodes, A joint programme of ‘sixpackfilm’ and the Austrian Film Museum, May 27 and 28, 2009

ATV Today “Lincoln Traffic Problems”
ATV UK 13.10.1975 4mins colour sound

Some things never change.

Neil Thomson UK 2015 5mins colour sound

Inspired by the work of economist and engineer Bill Phillips (1914-1975), this project aims to investigate the validity and accessibility of modern economic theories through the production of a homemade hydromechanical economic computer.

A Love Story
Amar Kanwar India 2010 5mins colour sound

A Love Story is a miniature narrative in four acts where time becomes fluid as the image is distilled to its inner self. The film lies at the fringe of the expanding Indian city, a world of continuous migration and therefore of continuous separations. It is in this terrain of separation that A Love Story is located. This film can also be seen as an offering to mainstream cinema, a space where we often lose ourselves in the repetitive spectacle of grand love stories.

Pawel Wieszczecinski year? Poland/USA 9mins colour sound

A metaphysical study of constant battle between outer and inner sphere of one being across the time. Presented in experimental found-footage form of gorgeous 16mm b&w film and 35mm color film of man's run against time, away from being captured to find himself in soothing surroundings of freedom.

87 pauses while responding to a question about the nature of happiness
Collective Production UK 2012 4mins colour sound

Collective Production was a 2-week residency in March 2010 working with survivors of homelessness, mental health services, and substance misuse. The residency explored modes, methods and histories of non-hierarchical co-production as an experimental functioning alternative to current redundant models of participatory art.