Annexinema, g39 Cardiff
Saturday 25th July 2015

Annexinema worked with g39 in Cardiff to organise an event for their Island series. Island is an evolving programme of exhibitions, commissions, film, food, performance, music and community led events in three parts: Adaptations I, II, III. Annexinema's event was part of Adaptation II, a programme "with a wide spectrum of artworks [...] that look at common themes of being separate, starting afresh and challenging what is lacking in current mainstream culture."


Latifah and Himli’s Nomadic Uncle Alnoor Dewshi 
1992 15mins B+W sound
Described by John Akomfrah as an “excellent film on Nomadology and diasporic sublime”, two cousins discuss ideas of culture and history while wandering through London.

The Sorceress
 Wayne Burrows / Paul Isherwood 2015 6mins colour sound
Taken from Exotica Suite (a series of texts reimagining the British Isles as they might have been if colonised and influenced by Polynesian customs and beliefs in the 1780s), The Sorceress is a reinvention of the Television-handed Ghostess who appears in Amos Tutuola’s 1954 novel My Life in The Bush Of Ghosts, now seen as an embodiment of contemporary media.

Handmade Home
 Marcy Saude
 2013 4mins B+W/colour sound
A brief document of the house built by the artists Robert Nelson and William T. Wiley in the forests of Mendocino County, California, narrated by Nelson.

 Pete McPartlan
 2014 4mins colour sound
Nema is one of a series of studies or sketches of changing pattern and noise as motion. The computer animated forms come from swirls of flattened grass found on an area of wasteland. Composed to be loosely isotropic - looking the same in all directions, including time - as if through closed eyes or a microwave telescope.

About 5 Minutes Remaining Yelena Popova 
2014 5mins colour sound
A contemporary fable reflecting on time as a commodity, cognitive labour and productivity under the spell of neo-liberalism.


Strangerly Connection Lindsay Foster
 2008 10mins colour sound
A meditation on possibility, a search for an opening, and an exploration into the collaborative consciousness of two people, the film was made following a three week stay with a stranger, an exploration of the potential in random connection.

 Luke Fowler
 2014 24mins B&W/colour sound
Depositions poses the question: what is an archive if not a collection of letters to ourselves? Exploring the role of the Highland traveller in Gaelic Highland history and culture the film combines archival footage from the Isle of Barra, new footage and interviews. Originally commissioned as part of Artists and Archives, a residency programme at BBC Scotland.

87 pauses while responding to a question about the nature of happiness 
Collective Production 
2010 4mins colour sound
Collective Production was a 2-week residency in March 2010 working with survivors of homelessness, mental health services, and substance misuse. The residency explored modes, methods and histories of non-hierarchical co-production as an experimental functioning alternative to current redundant models of participatory art.


 Paul Eastwood
 2013 3mins colour sound
Inspired by the novel Hothouse by Brian Aldiss. “Morel a sentient fungus, forms symbiotic relationships with other life forms and enhances their intelligence”. Slag focuses on a singular nomadic man that scurries across a barren landscape, exploring the artefacts, attire and ritual that encompasses his journey.

 Neil Thomson
 2015 5mins colour sound
Inspired by the work of economist and engineer Bill Phillips (1914-1975), this project aims to investigate the validity and accessibility of modern economic theories through the production of a homemade hydromechanical economic computer.

Infographics: Living On the Edge Tom Duggan
 2015 7mins colour sound

Video re-recording of a PechaKucha presentation about infographics. Originally given at UTOPIA FORUM - a day long event at Goldsmiths University organised by More Utopia.

Calor Immodicus (Excessive Heat) Bristol Diving School
 2015 14mins colour sound

Through a period of research in 2013-14, Bristol Diving School encountered people from professional backgrounds or amateur enthusiasts embedded in particular specialisms and pastimes. The film incorporates some of these conversations which have been instrumental in demonstrating how deepened and ardent forms of engagement stimulate local life, communities and culture.

Semiotics of the Kitchen Martha Rosler 
1975 6mins B+W sound
Martha Rosler is an important contemporary artist and feminist who uses photography, performance, writing and video to deconstruct cultural reality. Avoiding a pedantic stance, Rosler characteristically lays out visual and verbal information in a manner that allows the contradictions to gradually emerge, so that the audience can discern these disjunctions for themselves.