Hinterland Presents...
Annexinema & The Magnificent Revolution
A cycle-powered cinema showing experimental films
underneath Clifton Bridge, Nottingham
Friday 21st August 2009

Video by Jim Brouwer, music by Zelig

• the often deserted or uncharted areas beyond a coastal district or a river's banks
• an area surrounding a town or port and served by it
• a remote or fringe area
• an area lying beyond what is visible or known

This event was organised in collaboration with Hinterland and powered by bicycles care of the Magnificent Revolution. An unusual location was chosen - underneath Clifton Bridge by the river Trent on the outskirts of Nottingham, part industrial wasteland, part natural wilderness - a hinterland in itself. The location worked beautifully as a backdrop to a selection of films; the acoustics of the bridge resonated strange musics and warm chatter, and through the piers of the bridge we could see the idyllic river banks as the sun set. The films were chosen to compliment and resonate with the location; many had a watery theme, or looked at the lives of people who also occupy a hinterland. The following is what we watched:

Film Programme
Part 1
John Cage: Water Walk
usa / 1960 / sound / b&w / 6mins
Cage, on US TV show I’ve Got a Secret, makes
music with 34 watery materials: bath tub, toy fish,
grand piano, pressure cooker, ice cubes, an electric
mixer, rubber duck, goose whistle, 5 radios, etc.

Esther Johnson: Hinterland

uk / 2002 / sound / b&w / 10mins
Focusing on an East Yorkshire community who
live on the fastest eroding coastline in Europe,
Hinterland asks how it feels to live in such a
precarious situation with homes fatally threatened
by the elements.

Margaret Tait: Aerial

uk / 1974 / sound / colour / 4mins
“There’s no narrative and no argument; the theme’s
more like a musical theme... of the four elements:
earth, air, fire and water.” - Margaret Tait

George Barber: River Sky

uk / 2001 / sound / colour / 10mins
Three people are taken for a short ride on the River
Thames hanging upside down on the back of a

Ben Rivers: This is my land

uk / 2006 / sound / b&w / 14mins
A portrait of Jake Williams who lives alone amid
miles of forest in Aberdeenshire. Jake always
has many jobs on at any one time, rarely throws
anything away, is an expert mandolin player,
and has compost heaps going back many years.

Emily Richardson: Redshift

uk / 2001 / sound / colour / 4mins
Redshift attempts to show the huge geometry of
the night sky and give an altered perspective of
the landscape, using long exposures, fixed camera
positions, long shots and timelapse animation
techniques to reveal aspects of the night that are
invisible to the naked eye.

John Smith: Gargantuan
uk / 1991 / sound / colour / 1min
How to conduct pillow talk with a small amphibian.

Part 2
Matt Hulse & Joost Van Veen: Harrachov

uk / 2006 / colour / 10mins / live soundtrack
by zelig
Through live action, stop-frame animation and
chemical processing, the film explores the working
of an arcane power which, like a black hole or
immensely powerful electromagnet, exerts a far-
reaching and irresistible force upon certain objects.

Chris Marker, John Chapman & Frank Simeone:

france / 1981 / sound / colour / 7mins
On a beach in San Francisco, unidentified artists
have left sculptures manufactured with items that
have washed ashore from the sea.

Fernando Sanchez: Bas Jan Sanchez (falling)
usa / 2006 / sound / colour / 2.5mins
Sanchez falls between the heroic and the pathetic in
four short re-enactments of Bas Jan Ader’s falling

Mischa Leinkauf & Matthias Wermke: Zwischenzeit
germany / 2008 / sound / colour / 8mins
A journey through Berlin by handcar on the
U-Bahn; Zwischenzeit is what happens between the

Tony Hill: Downside up
uk / 1984 / sound / colour / 17mins
A film, which uses a simple camera movement to
explore a number of relationships to the ground.
The viewpoint continuously orbits places, objects,
people and events, revealing a double sided ground
flipping like a tossed coin.