10th September 2011

Annexinema travelled to Birmingham at the behest of Extra Special People to present a screening at Eastside Projects. The show was part of a day long event called Exhaustion & Exuberance, "that brings innovative artists and groups to Eastside Projects with the invitation to share knowledge and exchange ideas about notions of success and survival. When precarious living has become the norm, the day aims to initiate conversation and debate that mines the past and present, for possible solutions and resilient models for art production and dissemination in the 21st century." More information can be found here: Exhaustion & Exuberance.

David Critchley Pieces I Never Did 1979

Part 1

Peter Kubelka Schwechater
Austria, 1958, 3 minutes, colour, sound, 16mm

Commissioned to make a commercial for Schwechater beer, Kubelka took the opportunity to ignore all conventions of advertising and shot the film in a manner of interest to him, if not his employers. The result is a highly personal vision of an artist making his work whilst making ends meet.

Simon Raven The Plough
UK, 2010, 2.30 minutes, colour, sound, HD video

The artist drags a satellite dish through the coming light to work, presumably. The Plough presents us with a performance which draws together the contemporary and the archaic, the prosaic and the celestial.

Chris Saunders CCTV
UK, 1993, 4.30 minutes, colour, sound, video

Surveillance of the production line of genius - 30 artists working in the splendid isolation of their studios: the modern garret.

George Barber I was once involved in a shit show
UK, 2003, 7 minutes, colour, sound, video

A monologue in which Barber recalls his involvement in an (imaginary?) unfunded group show.

Katy Woods
Nadia UK, 2011, 3 minutes, B&W, sound, digital video
Anthony UK, 2011, 6 minutes, B&W, silent, digital video

Nadia and Anthony are part of an ongoing series of films that focus on young people with a talent or innate natural ability that is recognised and grown into a professional career. Nadia focuses on the famous Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci who, at the age of 14, was the first person in Olympic gymnastics history to score a ‘perfect 10’. Anthony looks at the experiences of a successful Astrophysicist, a gifted but unusual child who had a difficult childhood and adolescence.

Part 2

David Critchley Pieces I never did
UK, 1979, 34 minutes, colour, sound, video

“Talking to camera, I described ideas that had never got beyond a note in a sketchbook. Paradoxically, I was able to resurrect on video these items of personal performance that had been edged out by the structuralism of early video art, such as shouting the words "Shut Up!" until I lost my voice, having objects thrown at me until I changed colour, and proposing to end the piece by blowing myself up.” DC.

Part 3

Ben Rivers This is my land
UK, 2006, 14 minutes, B&W, sound, 16mm

“A portrait of Jake Williams who lives alone within miles of forest in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Jake always has many jobs on at any one time, rarely throws anything away, is an expert mandolin player, and has compost heaps going back many years. He has a different sense of time to most people in the 21st Century, which is explicitly expressed in his idea for creating hedges by putting up bird feeders. It struck me straight away that there were parallels between our ways of working - I have tried to be as self-reliant as possible and be apart from the idea of industry - Jake's life and garden are much the same - he can sustain himself from what he grows and so needs little from others. To Jake this isn't about nostalgia for some treasured pre-electric past, but more, a very real future.” BR

Pete McPartlan Three Noodle Minutes
UK, 2009, 3 minutes, colour, sound (maybe), video

Noodles getting softer over the course of 3 minutes. Should really be accompanied by some skronking free jazz.

Chris Marker, John Chapman & Frank Simeone Junkopia
France, 1981, 7 minutes, colour, sound, video

On a beach in San Francisco, unidentified artists have left sculptures manufactured with items that have washed ashore from the sea.

Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf trotzdem danke (thanks anyway)
Germany, 2006, 6 minutes, colour, sound, video

A well-meaning urban intervention is not always received gratefully.

The films were presented under the canopy of artist Will Cruickshank's Shelter and we watched reclining on his Triple Deck Chairs. To find out more about Will's work, visit his website: www.willcruickshank.net