Colony Network, Anarch Gallery London. 13/12/13

Jon Klein | The Cheatahs | UK | 2013 | 8mins

Documentation of a performance at Anarch Gallery

part 1
Hector Castells Matutano | Trailer | Spain | 2012 | 7mins

Found footage is spliced, scratched and collaged to produce a critique of mainstream cinema. The modifications evidence the hysterical and absurd dimension of commercial movies.

Jorge Furtado | Ilha das Flores | Brazil | 1989 | 12mins
A tomato is planted, harvested and sold at a supermarket, but it rots and ends up in the trash. The end? No. Ilha das Flores follows it up until its real end, among animals, trash, women and children. And then the difference between tomatoes, pigs and human beings becomes clear.

Fernando Sanchez | Bas Jan Sanchez (falling) | USA | 2006 | 2mins
Re-enactments of Bas Jan Ader’s falling pieces.

Alia Pathan | Tourba | UK | 2012 | 6.5mins

Tourba is a painterly animated digital video redesigned from internet-sourced images of dancers in parts of Africa and Central Asia. The poor original image quality and the richness of the audio and narrative reconsider a potential sustainable utopia after an imminent ecological and financial disaster.

Keiko Yamazaki | Dead Dans part 1 | 1min

Stop-frame animation, incandescent light-bulb choreography.

Office of Community Sousveillance | PCSO Watch | UK | 2011 | 5mins

[this information is classified]

part 2
Adam Chodzko | Design for a Carnival | UK | 2003 | 6mins

Design for a Carnival is an evolving project, existing as a series of videos, re-mixed music, billboard projects, drawings, large scale public art works and small ephemeral events which collectively propose an entirely new form of festival - a model for a community to engage with each other in a way which is full of play and disorder, free from commerce, words, reason, and fixed hierarchies or identities.

Lord Biro | Elvis Loves Pets Party Video version 2 e | UK | 2013 | 38secs

Propaganda Video - Elvis Loves Pets Party, Eastleigh Bi-election 2013

Bob Levene | Depth of Field | UK | 2010 | 4mins
Attempting to measure one metre paces across the frame, the artist starts close to the camera and moves further away until she’s out of shot. The snow on the ground leaves the measured markers and reveals the depth of the field, exploring the relationship between the space of the 2d screen and the real space of the land.

Alice Ladenburg | HLIAPOG(v)_0025 | UK | 2013 | 2.5mins | Silent

Filmed on the rooftop of an arts venue in Johannesburg, the video is one 'measurement' from a recent project called 'How Long Is A Piece of Green'.

Reverend Billy | Golden Toad For Christ | USA | 2013 | 3mins
The Church of Stop Shopping's "Extinction Resurrection Campaign" is launched with a lonely sermon on the New York sidewalks.

Nadege Meriau | Mycotopia | France | 2013 | 2mins

Looking at mushroom mycelium’s colonization of soil substrate, Mycotopia is a high definition
photography-based animation alluding to urban development, human and technological networks and the creation and consumption of space.

Laurent Vicente | Superarchiskate | France | 2006 | 5mins
A finger skating tour of the sights of Paris.

Joseph Duffy | Fractures | UK | 2013 | 5mins | silent

Images that evoke a sense of escape through the obliteration of architectural forms. Apocalyptic dread is layered into notions of paradise and utopian futures via a continual cyclical narrative of disasters unfolding and surfaces scarred with the traces and marks of exit, as the sites of a great evacuation.

Aeneas Wilder 3

part 3
Anthony McCall | Line Describing a Cone | UK | 1973 | 30mins | silent | 16mm

"In Line Describing a Cone, the conventional primacy of the screen is completely abandoned in favour of the primacy of the projection event. According to McCall, a screen is not even mandatory. He succinctly describes the film: 'The viewer watches the film, by standing with his, or her, back towards what would normally be the screen, and looking along the beam towards the projector itself. The film begins as a coherent line of light, like a laser beam, and develops through the 30 minute duration into a complete, hollow cone of light.
The audience is expected to move up and down, in and out of the beam - this cannot be fully experienced by a stationary spectator. The shift of image as a function of shift of perspective is the operative principle of the film. External content is eliminated, and the entire film consists of the controlled line of light emanating from the projector; the act of appreciating the film - i.e. 'the process of its realisation'-is the content." - Deke Dusinberre, Studio International, Nov/Dec 1975.