Surface Gallery/16 Southwell Rd/Nottingham
8pm Wednesday 3rd June 2009

A programme of seven films by artists exploring the physicality of the medium.

Walter Ruttmann - Opus IV (1923)
Storm de Hirsch - Peyote Queen (1965)
Peter Kubelka - Unsere Afrikarese (1966)
Frank Abbott - Passing Traffic (197?)
Steina & Woody Vasulka - Telc (1974)
Beverley & Tony Conrad - Straight and Narrow (1970)
Karen Mirza & Brad Butler - The Space Between (2005)
Anthony McCall - Line Describing a Cone (1973)

All works were presented in their original format: 16mm or video.

This event was held in association with Nottingham Trent University School of Art and Design Visual Arts Masters and Nottingham Media Academy.