Radiator Festival


Annexinema moved from the Dakeyne Street annexe to present a night of film, performance, installation and music at the Arts Organisation. Working in association with Radiator, and responding loosely to the theme "Exploits in the Wireless City", Annexinema once again provided an eclectic programme of works in sound and moving image by artists and experimenters.

Programme Part 1
Berlin: Karl Kliem, Germany, 2005, 4 mins
Amplified Aluminium Foil and Fans: Chris Gladwin, UK, 2008, 5 mins
Norwood: An Idyll: Patrick Keiller, UK, 1983, 26 mins
Eden: Rob Kennedy, UK, 2005, 1.40mins
Muto: Blu, Italy, 2008, 7mins
Interlude: Janek Schaefer, UK, 1997, 2.30mins

Chris Gladwin
Experimental musician and noise maker, Chris Gladwin performed ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC NOISE ACTION! *featuring Potato Synthesis!

Programme Part 2
Trash Surveillance: Ange Taggart, UK, 200, 25 seconds
Beating the Bridges: William Raban, UK, 1998, 11mins
Under Twilight: Jean Gabriel Périot, France, 2006, 5mins
Bit Plane: Bureau of Inverse Technology, UK/USA, 1999, 15mins
Adrift: Alex Gene Morrison, UK, 2007, 4mins
N-Judah 5:30: Sam Green, USA, 2004, 4mins

Joe Gilmore
Upstairs multidisciplinary artist and graphic designer, Joe Gilmore, presented a new installation: ][ ||-] ][ ]· a generative sound piece for 16 speakers using sine waves and noise.