ANNEXINEMA at Castle & Elephant Gallery, Coventry
11th December 2009

Annexinema presented a site-specific screening for Castle & Elephant's second exhibition. Selected from a range of contemporary and historic films, Annexinema responded to the gallery's location in the poleaxed modernism of the City Arcade, loosely flitting between themes such as urban environments, architecture, travel, and consumerism.

Part 1

Andrew Kötting: Jaunt
UK, 1995, super 8/video, 5 mins
A Super-8 trip up the Thames from Southend-On-Sea to the Houses of Parliament, this film is a trailer of sorts for Kötting’s demented feature film, Gallivant.

Woody Vasulka: C-Trend
USA, 1974, video, 9 mins
A view of traffic shot from a window is transformed and sculpted into permutations of abstract, three-dimensional forms.

Bob Sabiston: Snack and Drink
USA, 2000, video, 3 mins
An autistic boy makes a highly ritualized visit to a convenience store to purchase a ‘snack and drink’, in wildly fluctuating styles of animation.

Romain Sein: The Man from Albacete
France, 2007 video, 5 mins
A chance nocturnal encounter with a unique tennis player.

Mike Stubbs: Cultural Quarter
UK, 2003, video, 10 mins
A meditation on some of the gaps between developers' dreams and citizens perceptions of what cultural space means and how to use it, the film also begs ethical questions on surveillance, the gaze and human behaviour

Emily Richardson: Block
UK, 2005, 16mm/video, 11 mins
Block looks at the incidental activity that take places inside and outside a tower block in London over the period of several months.

Part 2

Ron Tran: The Peckers
UK, 2005, video, 5 mins
An interactive public sound installation attracts some unusual participants.

Matt McCormick: The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal
USA, 2001, super 8/video, 15 mins
Graffiti Removal: the act of removing tags by painting over them.
Subconscious Art: a product of artistic merit created without artistic intentions.

David Blandy: From the Underground
UK, 2006, video, 4 mins
The artist’s heartfelt tribute to the Wu Tang Clan.

Rob Kennedy: Eden
UK, 2005, video, 2 mins
A series of fragmented and hallucinatory collisions of text and image build up a vision of the city at night.

Mischa Leinkauf + Matthias Wermke: Zwischenzeit
Germany, 2008, video, 8 mins
A journey through Berlin by handcart on the
U-Bahn at night, Zwischenzeit, meaning ‘inbetween’ is what takes place in the gaps between stations.

George Barber: Shouting Match
UK, 2004, video, 12 mins
A variety of participants, due to the power of their voices, determine the length of their presence on screen.
Film descriptions courtesy of Lux and IMDB.