+ + + ANNEXINEMA 13: 13TH MARCH 2010 + + +

For our thirteenth event, ANNEXINEMA reconnected with our spiritual home at Stand Assembly artists' studios in Nottingham, although these days Stand Assembly are at the One Thoresby Street building and the annexe is now an attic... ATTICINEMA?

There was no theme, just a range of unusual and engaging experiments in moving image and sound.

This event was supported by LUX

part 1

Alia Pathan

In ADR a blind woman sitting in a cinema describes the making of a film. The monologue pulls focus towards the authority of the speaker to interrogate the authenticity of their message.
(2.13, Nottingham, 2009)

Simon Payne
New Ratio

The colour fields that comprise New Ratio explores the move from the 4:3 screen ratio to 16:9. The video comprises two simple repeating sequences, which are fundamentally the same duration. The work has been described as a ‘democratisation of colour’.
(1.45, UK, 2007)

by now

An extended slow pan around a recently used bedroom allows for a moments meditative reflection on the beauty of the mundane.
(5.52, Nottingham, 2010)

Rinat Kotler

Members of a family are asked to retell a mythological story adding whatever they like to the plot and parts from each version are then edited together. The story that seems to be reasonable at first gets odder and odder as the narrative progresses.
(5.47, Israel, 2007)

Ian Nesbitt
unscene #1

Unscenes is an ongoing project which subverts the use of anti-piracy software on commercial dvds. It creates a universal visual language based on the scrambled signal received when trying to illegaly copy this material. Unscene#1 is based on Jordan Belson’s 1961 film ‘Allures’.
(1.37, Nottingham, 2008)

Yelena Popova & David Strang Clamour Calligraphy
A collaborative project exploring the interdependency of painting, sound, time, space and audience.
(4.17, Russia / UK, 2008)

Felix Dufour LaPerriere & Dominic Etienne Simard

A short American memory, made from manipulated found footage.
(4.00, Canada, 2006)

Kotaro Tanaka
Kaiser, Kaizer

A seemingly normal park scene filmed during cherry blossom season in Japan is manipulated to suggest the myriad of possible journeys and possible endings; cycles without beginning or end which the artist terms ‘Kaiser panoramas’.
(10.19, Japan, 2006)

Thom Anderson

Melting shows the natural monostructural disintegration of a strawberry sundae, its passage from rigidity to softness, from edibility to waste. The spoon resting on the plate refers to the human presence, which lurks behind the screen, declining to interfere with what transpires.
(6.01, USA, 1965)

part 2
Fernand Leger
Ballet Mechanique

A classic of Dada film, with cinematography by Man Ray. A world in motion, dominated by mechanical and repetitive activity, the film is here given a new lease of life with a live and improvised score by Exploits of Elaine.
(16.10, France, 1924)

Pete McPartlan
Origami Seizure Comparison

A tongue-in-cheek revisiting of Paul Sharits’ brutal 35 minute long ‘Epileptic Seizure Comparison’ which, nonetheless, retains some of the original's mind wobbling qualities.
(1.47, Nottingham, 2010)

Ian Nesbitt
unscenes #2

Based on the opening scene of Walt Disney’s ‘Jungle Book’.
(0.37, Nottingham, 2008)

Werner Herzog
excerpt from My best Fiend

An excerpt originally filmed during the making of ‘Fitzcarraldo’ with Herzog describing the obscenity of the jungle.
(2.41, Germany, 1999)

Sarah Broom
Coney Island

A wordless visual essay on the faded ‘glory’ of Coney Island funfair as a metaphor for the rusting American Dream.
(4.23, USA, 2006)

Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf
trotzdem danke (thanks anyway)

A well-meaning urban intervention is not always received gratefully.
(6.30, Germany, 2006)

Alan Berliner
Everywhere at Once

‘...a musical montage, a synchronised symphony composed from an infinity of elements at hand: piano cords and cable cars, cocktail jazz and broken glass, loony tunes and telephones, elephants and xylophones, violins and vultures, orchestras and roller coasters... A journey in images at the speed of sound.’ - AB
(10.00, USA, 1985)

installations / music

Pete McPartlan
1st floor installation

Exploits of Elaine, live performance after films